BASI British International Ski Teacher L4 ISTD // Mountain Leader MTA
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Hi, I’m Jocelyn Cockle, but you can call me Floss! With over 27 years of ski teaching and mountain-leading experience, I truly understand both people and skiing. I teach skiers of all ages and abilities, but I especially love helping intermediate skiers who feel stuck and lack confidence. With my experience, patience, and understanding, I provide the tools and skills needed to unlock their potential. My coaching makes learning fun, helping you move forward and enjoy the freedom of the mountain.


Meet Your Online Coach & Consultant: Your Partner in Success! I am your dedicated online coach and consultant, here to help you achieve your personal and professional goals with enthusiasm and expertise. I’m passionate about empowering individuals and businesses to reach their full potential. With years of experience in the coaching and ski industry, I bring a wealth of knowledge and a friendly approach to every coaching session and consultation. My goal is to make your journey to success enjoyable and fulfilling.


Experience the thrill of skiing like never before with private ski lessons, workshops, and courses in Tignes, St Foy and Val d’Isère, France. Whether you’re looking to build your confidence, refine your technique, or simply have more fun on the slopes, our 27 years of ski teaching experience ensure you’ll make great strides in a friendly and enjoyable environment. Let us help you take your skiing to the next level and enjoy the best mountain experience possible.

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Is to help skiers to build confidence, skills and knowledge whilst going outside the boundaries of the slopes and their life.



Being different from other ski teachers I started skiing at the age of nine on a family ski holiday. Skiing for me was a real struggle as I wasn’t a good skier and my instructor had no patience and couldn`t speak a word of English. I also came from the UK with no snow and big mountains and I was a female in a male-dominated industry. After many setbacks, and with only determination and grit, I soon grew and loved the sport. Read My full story.

With over 27 years of ski teaching and mountain-leading experience, today I teach all aspects of skiing to skiers of different ages and abilities. The people that benefit from my ski coaching is the intermediate skier who is stuck and is lacking confidence and clarity. With my experience, patience and understanding I can give them tools and skills to unlock their skiing moving them forward so that they can enjoy the freedom of the mountain and ski in their flow state.

Sharing my biggest passion and using my experience and knowledge I also get a lot of satisfaction leading skiers on new adventures off-piste and ski touring in the backcountry.

This is also what I do with my online coaching. I get the most satisfaction when I am coaching clients online that are stuck, demotivated, and inconsistent. With skills, accountability and tools I help them to move forwards to reach their goals whether it’s in fitness, health, skiing or business.

The story behind the name FREEFLO:
hails from when I was a small child with wild, flowing locks. My family quickly began calling me Flo, short for Floss. Flow is also the recognised psychological and physical state that we find ourselves in when we are fully absorbed in the pursuit of our passion. Throw in the freedom of the mountains and a passion for touring and skiing in the backcountry and FREEFLO was born.