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THIS is the best and the simplest hack I have used to improve my fitness, sports and productivity.  
“WHAT GETS MEASURED GETS IMPROVED.” Is this week’s ski tip in the FB motivation group. DON`T MISS OUT and join here if you haven`t already.

This is a quote from Robin Sharma or Peter Drucker. I don`t really know as the internet isn’t sure. What I do know is that I have used this method for years and it has worked for my fitness, sports and productivity. For example, I wanted to ski and climb the biggest mountain in the Alps Mount Blanc which lies at 4810m. I measured my fitness, nutrition, my skills and equipment accordingly. All pillars got measured and improved. On 10th June 2020, I found myself on the summit of Mount Blanc in Chamonix in France.

Mont Blanc The Highest Mountain In the Alps 4810M

Anyway, this quote lays out a simple truth we can use easily to boost your productivity.  What we measure, we improve. Above all this improvement happens automatically, solely because of the measuring process.

Oh, and this isn’t just some weird speculation or bold claim — it’s a scientific fact. I also use this method
successfully with clients with online coaching moving them forwards to reach their goals and ambitions.

Researchers studied the effects of a given project, simply asking participants to track a specific outcome makes them more likely to improve. For example, people who are assigned to wear a pedometer, walk at least one extra mile per day on average. They improve their overall activity levels by 27%.

Just imagine if you could increase your fitness and productivity levels by 27%. How much more you could achieve?  How much more would you accomplish? We will never know. But we surely know that measuring your productivity will help you improve it.

“My name is Floss and I am passionate to help people to unlock their true potential in sports and adventure..”

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