Relating the ‘Here and Now’ of coaching from the book ‘Inner game of Tennis by W. Timothy: Galloway’ to Steep Couloir skiing

Relating the ‘Here and Now’ of coaching from the book ‘Inner game of Tennis by W. Timothy: Galloway’ to Steep Couloir skiing was a great insight and made me realise how more of a ski coach I am compared to a ski instructor. After 17 seasons of ski teaching I didn’t realise how many techniques of the inner game of tennis I use in relation to my own ski coaching.

Steep skiing in couloirs is one of my passions and one of the many sides of skiing that I enjoy and coach in. For myself just being in a couloir and skiing in challenging and exposed environments naturally focuses my mind and attention. For many other skiers it is a different story as they become nervous, frightened and feel threatened with the exposure. Skiing on steep off piste and in narrow unknown corridors which are often surrounded by rock is where focus, skill and belief is vital for a good and safe decent.

Steep skiing Tignes Val D'Isere
Steep skiing Tignes Val D’Isere
Steep skiing Pisteurs couloir tignes Val D'sere
Steep skiing Pisteurs couloir tignes Val D’sere

Learning to focus your attention is a master skill that has unlimited application. When skiing in a threatening environment where your skills are being pushed you need to learn to focus awareness in the NOW. It means tuning in to what is happening in the present not the past.

Concentrate your focus on here and NOW, in present time and in the present space. Most accidents and falls happen when we lapse in concentration as we allow our mind to think about what is about to happen or to dwell whats has already happened in the past. Especially for women that are lacking self confidence. Don’t let your mind absorb itself in the world of “what if’s” “What if I fall over” “What if I can’t make that turn” and then let your mind wander away to “this happened to me last year and this is how I injured my knee” or something totally irrelevant “I can’t believe what that Facebook post said about me”. Since the mind has a will of its own and tends to wander, how can one learn to keep it in the present?The answer is by practise as there is no other way. Every time your mind starts to leak away, simply bring it gently back.

The next time you are in a couloir or on challenging terrain have this action plan. Focus your mind on the present, see and accept the environment that you are in and then ski it with one tactical or technical focus to block out any nervousness. Subconsciously believe in yourself and ability and you will be able to ski stronger and more effectively. For more tips on skiing follow our blog

Steep Skiing Course Tignes
Steep Skiing Course Tignes

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Author: Jocelyn Cockle
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