BASI British International Ski Teacher L4 ISTD // Mountain Leader MTA
TEL: +33 (0)630 111109   //   SIRET NO: 803 597 210 00035

Why is Freefloski different?

It’s the Coaching and the Service that Sets Me Apart


  • British female ski instructor, with the highest international qualification with French equivalence teaching in France.
  • With other qualifications such as APC Race Coach, Mountain Leader and Sports Massage and Injury Diploma, Rob Dial Coaching Course,  I teach with a wealth of knowledge.
  • Some of my most outstanding ski achievements include passing the test technique and euro test with no racing background at the age of 32 years, climbing and skiing the central line of the North face of Mount Blanc and skiing the volcanoes of Patagonia.
  • A wealth of experience and understanding with 27 winters.
  • Skills and experience in coaching all skiers at all levels and ages on piste, off-piste and ski touring in the backcountry.


  • With my passion for video and photography, I use these skills to provide you with mountain memories and ski analysis. Being totally different to everyone else I also have my own youtube channel where I help skiers to build confidence and skills.
  • I coach skiing and guide in all the resorts of the Tarentaise Tignes, Val DÌsere, Les Arcs, and St Foy in France.
  • I can meet in different locations and times to ski the best snow and to tailor my ski coaching to their ability and clients’ needs.
  • From booking to the end of the coaching you will receive friendly, fun, supportive communication and personal service. 
  • I also offer consulting and online coaching so you can have help and support in any location in the world.

The Freeflo Story

Being totally different from most ski coaches I started skiing at the age of nine on a family ski holiday. Skiing was a real struggle as I wasn’t a good skier and I didn’t understand it. I also came from the UK with no snow and no mountains. With determination passion and grit and also against my parent’s wishes after 11 winters I qualified through the English system to then qualify to become the 37th British Female to pass the Eurotest. This allowed me to teach in France and hold the highest ski teaching qualification in the world. Read my difficult and challenging journey full story.

For four winters working in ski schools in the French Alps, I wanted to have the freedom and challenge of running my own business. I also wanted to offer a different personal service to clients not only on the mountain but also with high-performance online coaching. In 2015 I  became an independent internationally recognised ski teacher and FREEFLOSKI was born.

The story behind FREEFLO is from when I was a small child with wild, flowing locks. My family quickly began calling me Flo, short for Floss. Flow is also the recognised psychological and physical state we find ourselves in when we are fully absorbed in pursuing our passion. Throw in the freedom of the mountains and a passion for touring and skiing in the backcountry and FREEFLO was born

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